how to play Spades

object of the game

the deck

rank of card suits

rank of cards

Win more card books for your team and reach the final score first 
There are 13 books to win in a hand. Teams bid for the most books they can win. The team who wins the most books, wins the hand. The team who wins the most hands, wins the game

A standard 54-card deck of  Spades Brand Premium Playing Cards


There are 4 card suits in a standard deck. The spades suit is the highest card suit in the deck. All other suits are equal in value


Big Joker Little Joker 2 of Diamonds 2 of Spades A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2  *Note: When playing with four players, removethe 2 of Hearts and 2 of Clubs from the deck

Designate a scorekeeper of the game Set your games’ final score to 300, 500, 750 or UNLIMITED for continuous play


The first dealer shuffles the cards and the opposing player to the right will cut the deck.  Going clockwise, deal out the entire deck, with cards faced down. Each player will have 13 cards


Organize your hand by card suit then arrange your cards from highest to lowest value


Count the number of high cards you’re holding (Jokers and high letter cards). Second, count the number of Possibles or mid-level cards that can potentially win a book


Your team’s bid will be the total number of books you think your team can win. Consider your
Possibles to increase your bid for a higher score
Note: Once your bid is set, it can not be changed

starting the game

dealing the cards

setting your bid

counting your books

setting up your hand

starting the game

The player to the left of the dealer draws out the first card of any suit, face up, in the center of the table. Each player follows, drawing a card of the same suit after the previous card has been played. Note: Drawing a card out of the rotation is not allowed.


The card with the highest value wins the book.  Players can win books by drawing a higher card or Cutting (playing a spade over another suit). If another spade is played, the higher value wins The winner . the cards and sets them aside
Complete the hand until all 13 cards are played


Each team is responsible for winning the number of books set by their bid. Once the hand is played, teams tally how many books they’ve won and the scorekeeper calculates the team scores

counting books & overs

winning a book

playing the game

calculating your score

making your bid

not making your bid (set)

Books, up to your bid, are scored in multiples of 10 Overs (additional books) are worth 1 point


If your team wins the books set in your bid, your score is calculated as 10x your bid
Example 1)  Bid 6 / Won 6   Your score = 60 points; Example 2) Bid 6 / Won 7   Your score = 61 points  (60+1


When a team fails to reach their bid, the score is minus and subtracted from the previous score
Example:  Bid 6 / Won 5   Your score = -60 points

Premium Spades is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SBP Gaming Company.

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