spades social

Friday, August 30, 2019

5:00pm - 8:00pm

Kat's Cafe

970 Piedmont Ave

Atlanta, GA 

Your Host: Rasheeda Gregory

tournament entry
$10 per person

PremiumSpades Competitive Spades Tournaments
bring out the best players in the city for a winner-takes-all 
2-on-2 battle of skill, wit and strategy. Players from around the city come to compete for city bragging rights and a chance to compete for the King of Spades Crown. 

let your
for itself!

PremiumSpades Tournament Rules & Regulations


  • Two (2) player teams only

  • Teams will play the best out of five (5) hands.
    The team with the highest score wins. 

  • The ranks of the cards are:
    Big Joker, Little Joker, A, K, Q, J, 10-2.
    The 2 of clubs and hearts are removed from the deck

  • There are no Blinds

  • Win 13 books. automatically win the round.
    If your team bids and make 13 books, your automatically go to the next round


  • Teams are allowed to lead off with Spades 

  • Dealing is rotated 
    After each hand is played, the player to the left of the previous dealer will shuffle and deal the next hand.

  • Misdeals are when all 52 cards have not been evenly distributed during a deal. If there is a misdeal, the player to the left takes the next deck. 

  • No Trick Deals. A trick deal is when all 52 cards are not distributed in the order in which the deck was provided by authorized tournament staff

  • Each team must choose a scorekeeper 
    ​Each team will designate one scorekeeper for the complete duration of the tournament.

  • Tournament Rounds
    There are a minimum of five (5) rounds  (more rounds are necessary depending on the number of teams) the second round is an elimination round.

  • Second Round - Elimination Round
    if your team loses in round two, you are eliminated from the tournament regardless of a win in round 1 .


  • No food allowed at playing table
    Drinks are allowed when a game is in process.

  • There are no cell phones, video or audio recording devices allowed at tables.

  • Only players and/or authorized tournament staff are allowed at the playing tables during tournament play.

  • Table talk is defined as general conversation or chatter unrelated to identifying cards in your, your players and/or opponents hand

  • Smoking is not allowed at the table or in the tournament venue; unless authorized by venue management


  • Books are scored in multiples of 10.
    Overs ( or additional books) are counted for 1-point each

  • If your team wins the books set in your bid, your score is calculated as 10x your bid

    •  Example 1)  Bid 6 / Won 6   Your score = 60 points

    • Example 2) Bid 6 / Won 7   Your score = 61 points  (60+1)


  • When a team fails to reach their bid, the score is minus and subtracted from the previous score

    • Example:  Bid 6 / Won 5   Your score = -60 points




  • Minimum Bids are Four (4) books

  • Bids are recorded on the official Premium Spades scorecard provided by your tournament host.

  • During game play, scorekeepers are to record team bids first, then scores are calculated after each hand is played 

  • Once your bid is set, it cannot be changed



  • There are NO BONUS points in tournament play

    • Ex: No "10-for-200"). If you bid and win 10 books, you will receive 100 points only

  • There are no bonus points for "Top 5" or "Top 7"


  • Reneging.  If a team is accused of reneging, a tournament officials must review and approve the penalty. If reneging is proven, the violating team must surrender three (3) books to the opposing team.

  • Sandbagging/Underbidding There is no penalty for underbidding, but teams will receive a  warning. After the warning, teams may face additional penalties and possible elimination from the tournament. 


  • Each PremiumSpades tournament offers a cash and/or cash-value prize to the winning team. Winners of a tournament will have two options for payout:

    • Option 1 – Cash out at the end of the tournament. The winning team will receive cash and/or prize valued as deemed by the tournament hosts. The cash out will be payed via gift card or electronically to the designated account (s) of the winning team

    • Option 2 – the winner of a tournament is automatically available to compete for the prize of the next tournament. If winner of tournament ask to hold winnings, they will:​

      • Receive 50% of the designated tournament winnings at the end of the tournament

      • The winning team will have the opportunity to compete to win the cash/ cash-value prize in the next tournament.​

      • If the team loses next tournament, they will receive the remaining balance of their tournament winnings from the previous tournament and will be eliminated from the Spades Crown contention. Players are allowed to register for the next tournament to enter the circuit again.

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