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about the tournament

Who Runs the Table  is a competitive Spades contest bringing the best spades players from around the city to compete for prizes. bragging rights and the Spades Crown! 

This is how it works:​

  • Player attend a partnering live Spades event

  • Players play three (3) spades rounds

  • Players with the highest score wins the round

  • Win all three roundsWin a CROWN PRIZE

how to enter
  1. Register as a SINGLE PLAYER


  3. Attend an event to compete to WIN!

Any player of any skill level is welcome to play.


Each month, the player with the most total points wins a grand prize and an invite to our CASH PRIZE EVENT

see below for contest details
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Premium Spades Tournament Rules & Regulations


  • No food allowed at, around or on the playing table when a game is in process. Drinks are allowed.

  • One break per player is allowed. Players can leave table with approval of all current players. After the 4th round, there is a 1-hour intermission.

  • There are no cell phones, video or audio recording devices allowed at tables.

  • Only players and/or authorized tournament staff are allowed at the playing tables during tournament play.

  • Table talk is defined as general conversation or chatter unrelated to identifying cards in your, your players and/or opponents hand.

  • Game talk is defined as any comments between players, related to the cards and or game strategy during game play. If a player/team is accused of a foul, players can lose points in ranking and can be removed from the

  • Smoking is not allowed at the table or in the tournament venue.



  • Books, up to your bid, are scored in multiples of 10. Overs (additional books) are worth 1 point

  • If your team wins the books set in your bid, your score is calculated as 10x your bid

  •  Example 1)  Bid 6 / Won 6   Your score = 60 points

  • Example 2) Bid 6 / Won 7   Your score = 61 points  (60+1)

  • When a team fails to reach their bid, the score is minus and subtracted from the previous score

  • Example:  Bid 6 / Won 5   Your score = -60 points


  • Bids are recorded on the official Spade Brand scorecard. During game play, scorekeepers are to record team bids first, then scores are calculated after each hand is played 

  • Once your bid is set, it cannot be changed


  • There are no bonus points for bidding and winning 10 books (no "10-for-200"). If you bid and win 10 books, you will receive 100 points only

  • There are no bonus points for "Top 5" or "Top 7"

  • There are no Blinds/ Nil Blinds

  • Teams who are caught reneging will have to surrender 1 book to each opponent. The reneged book must be proven by the accusing team. If there is a dispute, the Event Game Manager will rule on the penalty

  • Sandbagging/Underbidding is not an acceptable bidding strategy. There is no penalty for underbidding, but you will be warned after the second instance. If the sandbagging strategy persist, you will forfeit 1 book to each of your opponents.


  • All playing card decks are pre-shuffled and should not be shuffled by any player.

  • Single player and Two-player teams are allowed at select events. If player or team should win a tournament, both players are required to continue play.  One player can be designated as substitute only in absence of a two-player tournament or "special circumstances" in which a player is unable, incapable to play.

  • The ranks of the cards are Big Joker, Little Joker, A, K, Q, J, 10-2. The 2 of clubs and 2 of hearts will be removed from each deck in play.

  • Misdeals are determined when all 52 cards have not been evenly distributed during a deal. 

  • Teams are allowed to lead off with Spades

  • Dealing responsibilities are shared by each player and passed clockwise. After each hand is played, the player to the left of the previous dealer will be next to deal

  • A trick deal is when all 52 cards are not distributed in the order in which the deck was provided by authorized event staff

  • ​All books are to be collected by the individual player and/or team scorekeepe only where permitted

  • For two-player events, each team will designate one scorekeeper for the complete duration of the tournament. The scorekeeper will be determined at registration.

  • There are 3-rounds of tournament play, with three (3) official hands to play. The player/team with the highest score after 3 completed hands will remain seated. The two players with the lowest score after three rounds will be assigned a new seat for the next round.

  • In case of a draw after the final hand is played, there will be a 1-hand playoff with winner advancing to next round.


  • There are  approximately five (5) tournaments played within a 12-month period. Select events offer a cash or value prize of up $500 can be awarded to the winning players and or teams. Winners of a contest will receive an advertised award within 24-48 hours from the end of an event. This can include gift cards, tangible prizes and/or services 

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