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Represent your business in friendly competition is the online destination for all things related to the Spades.
Since 2016, we have watched our popularity grow with players, fans and enthusiasts of the game and we owe it all to the SpadeWars Competitive Spades Tournament & Social.


Did you know over 78% of Raleigh residents play or have played Spades?

There are over 40 million spades players in the United States and it continues to gain popularity with a new generation of players and fans. 

Residents are 2x more likely to buy from companies that support the local community 

Your sponsorship goes way beyond the competition. Build relationships with local Triangle residents to expand your clientele.

Sponsor a company team and compete for city bragging rights
Make long lasting connections in your local community while competing for city bragging rights. Sponsor a company team at SpadeWars and further your brand exposure. 

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