Sheraton On The Falls 

MAY 6-9 2021

Let's see who run the spades table and claim the

We're rockin' the waterfalls with an epic tournament for the ages. Over 50 spades tables, 4  cash prize tournaments, live entertainment, food, music, casino and more!

Niagara Falls Night View
Niagara Falls Night View

Sheraton Hotel | Niagara Falls New York
Sheraton Hotel | Niagara Falls New York

Mingles | Sheraton Hotel | Niagara Falls
Mingles | Sheraton Hotel | Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Night View
Niagara Falls Night View




Single Occupancy:         $700.00 USD

Double Occupancy :      $930.00 USD | $465 pp

Triple Occupancy:           $1,160.00 USD | $387 pp

Quad Occupancy            $1,340.00 USD | $335 pp

without transportation

Single Occupancy:         $600.00 USD

Double Occupancy :      $830.00 USD   | $415 pp

Triple Occupancy:          $1,060.00 USD  | $353 pp

Quad Occupancy           $1,240.00 USD | $310 pp

*$150.00 USD Deposit is required to secure reservation


  • Round-trip transportation*

  • Hotel stay (4 days / 3 nights)

  • All-you-can-eat lunch + dinner + drinks

  • Entry into $2500 GRAND PRIZE tournament

  • Live Concert/Entertainment / Player Access Events

  • $100 Casino Niagara Cash

  • Premium Player Swag Bag 


*Luxury Coach Bus Transportation from NYC



  • Leave from NYC |                    10: 00am 

  • Arrive at Hotel|                          7:00pm

  • Player Meet & Mingle |               9:00pm 



  • Spades Tournament | Points Sessions

  • Lunch | Spotlight Session (TBD)

  • Dinner | Live Performance (TBD)

  • Pool Party w/ Swimsuit Contest 


  • $2500 Grand Prize Tournament

  • Lunch | Spotlight Session (TBD)

  • Dinner | Live Performance (TBD)


  • Leave from Niagara Falls, NY |   11: 00am 

  • Arrive back to NYC |                  7:00pm

the rules

tournament rules

spades rules

spades scoring

  1. Two-player Teams Only

  2. Best of five (5)hands wins


  4. All decks are pre-shuffled

*all following rounds are elimination rounds

  1. B-Joker, L-Joker, 2 of Spades*

  2. No blinds. No bonus points*

  3. Players can lead off with spades

  4. If a player has at least one (1) spade in hand, play resumes.

*order continues from high-to-low: A, K, Q,J, etc

**No "Top 5"; "10 for 2" l Top 7; etc)

  1. Books are ten (10) points

  2. Bags/Overs are one (1) point


PremiumSpades Tournament Rules & Regulations


  • No food allowed at, around or on the playing table when a game is in process. Drinks are allowed.

  • One break per player is allowed. Players can leave table with approval of all current players. After the 4th round, there is a 1-hour intermission.

  • There are no cell phones, video or audio recording devices allowed at tables.

  • Only players and/or authorized tournament staff are allowed at the playing tables during tournament play.

  • Table talk is defined as general conversation or chatter unrelated to identifying cards in your, your players and/or opponents hand.

  • Game talk is defined as any comments between players, related to the cards and or game strategy during game play. If a player/team is accused of a foul, players can lose points in ranking and can be removed from the

  • Smoking is not allowed at the table or in the tournament venue.


  • All playing card decks are pre-shuffled and should not be shuffled by any player.

  • Two-player teams are strongly recommended. If your team should win a tournament, both players are required to continue play.  One player can be designated as substitute only in absence of player at tournament or "special circumstances" in which a player is unable, incapable to play.

  • The ranks of the cards are Big Joker, Little Joker, Deuce of Spades, A, K, Q, J, 10-2. The 2 of clubs and 2 of hearts will be removed from each deck in play.

  • Misdeals are determined as when all 52 cards have not been evenly distributed during a deal. 

  • Teams are allowed to lead off with Spades

  • Dealing responsibilities are shared by each player and passed clockwise. After each hand is played, the player to the left of the previous dealer will be next to deal

  • A trick deal is when all 52 cards are not distributed in the order in which the deck was provided by authorized tournament staff

  • ​All books are to be collected by the winning teams' scorekeeper. 

  • Each team will designate one scorekeeper for the complete duration of the tournament. The scorekeeper will be determined at registration.

  • There are 8-rounds of tournament play, The first four (4) rounds are the best of 5 hands. The team with the highest score after 5 complete hands will advance to the next round. 

  • In case of a draw after the final hand is played, there will be a 1-hand playoff with winner advancing to next round.



  • Books, up to your bid, are scored in multiples of 10. Overs (additional books) are worth 1 point

  • If your team wins the books set in your bid, your score is calculated as 10x your bid

  •  Example 1)  Bid 6 / Won 6   Your score = 60 points

  • Example 2) Bid 6 / Won 7   Your score = 61 points  (60+1)

  • When a team fails to reach their bid, the score is minus and subtracted from the previous score

  • Example:  Bid 6 / Won 5   Your score = -60 points


  • Bids are recorded on the official Spade Wars scorecard. During game play, scorekeepers are to record team bids first, then scores are calculated after each hand is played 

  • Once your bid is set, it cannot be changed


  • There are no bonus points for bidding and winning 10 books (no "10-for-200"). If you bid and win 10 books, you will receive 100 points only

  • There are no bonus points for "Top 5" or "Top 7"

  • There are no Blinds/ Nil Blinds

  • Teams who are caught reneging will have to surrender four (4) books to their opponent. The reneged book must be proven by the accusing team. If there is a dispute, the Tournament Game Manager will rule on the penalty

  • Sandbagging/Underbidding is not an acceptable bidding strategy. There is no penalty for underbidding, but you will be warned after the second instance. If the sandbagging strategy persist, you will forfeit four (4) of overs (extra books) to your opponent.


  • PremiumSpades tournaments offer a grand prize/award; at selected hosted events; of up to $1000 of equal value.  to the winning team.

  • Winning teams are responsible for submitting all information and/or documentation within the determined deadline of five (5) business days after the attended event. If winners do not submit all required information/documentation before deadline, winner will forfeit grand prize/award.

  • The winning team of the attended event will receive free admission to one (1) PremiumSpades tournament.

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